Chez Winterbottom is a hardcore gamer. He grew up having every console ever released and playing all the good games. In college, he found a group of friends whom he would hang out with after class, and even built their own man cave where they would hang out for hours.

Chez was one of the first few gamers who started game streaming. It was meant to be a game walk-through but when he started to add some voice-over, that’s when he became popular.

It did not take that long until he was able to monetize his streaming channel. He was able to make tons of money to support his family and live a comfortable life. To give back, he built chezdodopdx.net to guide aspiring gamers who want to stream their content and build an audience for themselves.

Chezdodopdx.net delivers detailed guide on how to jumpstart your streaming channel. We will feature streamers who want to share tips and tricks, and we will also have exciting watch party for everyone’s entertainment.

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